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 "I see myself first and foremost as a collaborator with each individual student in this      process of self-discovery..." Vic Trevino

I have been working as a professional actor in film/tv/stage for over twenty-five years.  I have been teaching and coaching actors for more than fifteen years. Why teach? Because teaching and coaching actors is something I am passionate about.  Most acting teachers bestow knowledge, explain techniques and prompt students to use them. In addition to that, I begin the learning process by getting to know the student. Teaching starts with the individual. I need to know the person. Teaching is personal. It’s about understanding the student’s mindset, their beliefs, and assessing their current work habits. Then it’s about helping the student make changes to work habits, work ethic, belief and behavior.  I do this by guiding, coaxing, challenging, pushing, reminding, inspiring and motivating. I cannot do these things for you. When you find the answer for yourself, that ownership is a powerful motivator for you.

I earned my teaching credential and teaching certification in Theatre Arts, which has empowered me with tools, tactics and strategies that strongly influenced my understanding of how best to approach the teaching process.  Aside from my work as an actor, my training as a TEACHER has enabled me to teach, guide and mentor students while being mindful of how each student is different and comes to class unlike anyone else.  

Victor has trained professionally at the L.A. Actor’s Studio, the Lee Strasberg Actor’s Studio (Hollywood), the Michael Shurtleff Studio (Hollywood), the Jose Quintero Actor’s Studio (Hollywood), the American Film Institute (Los Angeles), Delia Salvi Acting Conservatory (Los Angeles), Screen Actor’s Guild Conservatory (Los Angeles), Tepper-Gallegos Commercial Casting (Hollywood) and Judy Kain Commercial Workshop (North Hollywood).

Vic has taught classes and workshops for a variety of venues in Los Angeles including California State University at Los Angeles, California State University at Fullerton, and the UCLA Theatre Arts Summer Session in Rome, Italy.

He continues to teach at the Actor’s Warehouse Studio in Queensland, Australia and for the The Australian Film and Television Academy in Sydney, Australia. He created curriculum and moderated classes and workshops for the Atelier Talent Development company in San Antonio. Other teaching assignments have included the Artsbridge Theatre for Youth Program, Shakespeare by the Sea, Teatro L.A. and the Plaza de la Raza Cultural Arts Center in Los Angeles.  Many of his former students are currently working professionally in theatre, film and television.

Click here to read complete version of Vic's philosophy on teaching Acting

As an acting teacher, I see myself first and foremost as a collaborator with each individual student in this process of self-discovery.  I emphasize the psychology of human behavior, along with the natural reasoning and physical impulses that allow students to personalize their work.  Personalization is key.  As the student’s partner in exploring and constructing their own approach to stage or film acting, there are five primary contributions that I look to make:

a) to unravel and clarify the ‘acting’ process,

b) to develop the student’s expertise in character/script analysis,

c) to empower students with strategies and techniques for creating truthful behavior on-camera and/or on-stage,

d) to build a strong connection to the other actor(s), and

e) to equip student’s with the business principles and work ethics necessary for successful careers in film, television and/or theatre.

Mr. Trevino is available for coaching, audition/interview prep, or for work on-camera and/or on-stage.  He is a member of all professional actor unions including SAG/AFTRA/AEA. 

Contact Vic directly at or at (210) 317-1383.

Philosophy on Teaching Acting

Private Coaching and Classes

(also available in Spanish)

Vic Trevino offers year round private coaching sessions and consultations:

(also offered in Spanish)


  1. Intensive one-on-one work on your audition monologue or scene


  1. Consultations on next steps, networking, headshots, resumes


  1. Intensive one-on-one work on audition technique for Film/TV


  1. Intensive one-on-one work on script analysis for theatrical or commercial script copy


  1. Consultations on the business of acting professionally


  1. Consultations on creating your ‘Self-Tape’ for casting directors


  1. Consultations on creating your voiceover demo


  1. Intensive sessions to work on scenes with two actors


  1. Intensive one-on-one work on screen acting technique

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