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THEATRE (L.A. & Regional / Representative List)             ROLE                       THEATRE COMPANY / DIRECTOR         

The Little Dog Laughed                                                         Mitch                           The City Theatre, Andy Berkovsky/Bridget Farias

A Holtville Night’s Dream                                                      Brick                            Vexler Theatre, Jim Mammarella                                        Three Days of Rain                                                               Pip                               San Pedro Playhouse, John O’Neill

The Taming Of The Shrew                                                    Petruchio                     Shakespeare L.A., Kate Geer

El Paso Blue                                                                          Al                                 San Diego Repertory, Octavio Solis                                La Posada Magica / premiere                                               Refugio                        South Coast Repertory, Jose Cruz Gonzales

Man Of The Flesh / premiere                                                Juan                             South Coast Repertory, Jose Cruz Gonzales

The Adventures Of Por Quinley                                            Mel                               Mark Taper Forum-Taper Too, Kathleen Dimmick

A Midsummer Night’s Dream                                                Oberon                         24th Street Theatre, Richard Riley

Heroes And Saints / premiere                                               Johnny                         Los Angeles Theatre Center, Jose Saucedo

Alternate Places                                                                    Nicholas                       Mark Taper Forum-Taper Too, David Schwiezer         

Legacy / premiere                                                                 Tony                            Hudson Theatre, James Paradise

Harvest Moon                                                                        Jaguar                         Edison Theatre, William Deluca

Search & Destroy / premiere                                                 Pamfilo                        South Coast Repertory, David Chambers

Macbeth                                                                                 Macbeth                      24th Street Theatre, Richard Riley

Birthday Angel / Tour                                                             Angel                           South Coast Repertory, Jose Cruz Gonzales

Burning Patience                                                                   Mario                           San Diego Repertory, Doug Jacobs

My Visits With MGM                                                              Juan                            Bilingual Foundation of the Arts, Jose Cruz Gonzales

Woyzeck                                                                                Woyzeck                     Waterfront Stage, Frederique Michel

Cherry Blossom Lane / premiere                                           Rod                            Beverly Hills Playhouse, Richard Dewson

Minnesota Moon                                                                    Larry                           Hudson Theatre, Tom McSweeney

Shattered Secrets / premiere                                                Carlos                          Powerhouse Theatre, Jerry Craig

The Prognosis is Marriage                                                    Peter                            Cassandra Gaylor Theatre, Tom McSweeney

King Of The Crystal Palace                                                   Rocky                          Richmond Shepard Theatre, John Sowle

The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit                                              Manuel                        Margo Albert Theatre, Alex Colon

A Cry In The Distance                                                           Paco                            Bilingual Foundation of the Arts, Margarita Galban


FILM                                                                                     ROLE                        PRODUCTION COMPANY / DIRECTOR

The Good Wolf                                                                     Lead                             One Creative, Will Shipley 

Machete                                                                                Featured                      Trouble Maker Studios, Robert Rodriguez

American Me                                                                         Lead                            Universal Studios, Edward James Olmos   

The Killing Zone                                                                    Supporting                   New Horizon Films, Cirio Santiago

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me                                                  Supporting                   Paramount Studios, Joel Hirshman

Big City                                                                                  Lead                            Alamar Films, Fernando Sariano

Firehawk                                                                                Supporting                  New Horizon Films, Cirio Santiago

Beyond The Call Of Duty                                                       Lead                           New Horizon Films, Cirio Santiago

Beastmaster                                                                          Supporting                  MGM Studio, Sylvio Tabet

Crazy From The Heart                                                          Supporting                  Cassiano-Riggs Prods., Thomas Schlamme

The Art Of War                                                                      Lead                            Uzielli Prods., Michael Landon Jr.

Born In East L.A.                                                                   Supporting                   Universal Studios, Cheech Marin

Night Of The Running Man                                                    Featured                     American World Pictures, Mark Lester

Twinsitters                                                                             Supporting                  Cannon Films, John Parragon

Faith                                                                                      Lead                            MGM Studio, Ted Mather


TELEVISION                                                                      ROLE                         PRODUCTION COMPANY / DIRECTOR

Killer Women – pilot                                                              Recurring                     ABC, Lawrence Trilling

Living In America – pilot                                                        Series Regular            Columbia Pictures, Xavier Garcia

The X-Files                                                                            Guest Star                  20th Century Fox, Kim Manners

Faith Prince – pilot                                                                Recurring                    NBC, Lee Shallot        

Sunday In Paris – pilot                                                          Series Regular            NBC, Debbie Allen

General Hospital                                                                   Recurring Principal      ABC, Scott McKinsey

Pee-Wee’s Playhouse                                                           Series Regular            CBS, Paul Reubens

Day By Day                                                                           Recurring                    NBC, Will McKenzie

Santa Barbara                                                                       Recurring Principal     NBC, Rick Bennewitz

Adam-12                                                                                Recurring                   FOX, Charles Bail

FBI – The Untold Stories                                                       Guest Star                  FOX, Chuck Braverman              



Master of Fine Arts - Acting                                                   University of California, Los Angeles

Bachelor of Arts - Theatre                                                     University of Southern California, (Cum Laude)

Bachelor of Arts - Cinema Production                                   University of Southern California, (Cum Laude)

Scuola Internazionale Di Teatro - Acting                               Professional Actor Conservatory, Rome, Italy

Comedy Improv                                                                     Groundlings, Hollywood

Shakespeare / Text Analysis                                                 Kate Geer Studio, Los Angeles

Shakespeare / Text Analysis                                                 Ellen Geer, Los Angeles

Acting / Scene Study                                                             Lee Strasberg Actor’s Studio, Hollywood

Audition Technique                                                                Michael Shurtleff, Los Angeles

Movement / Physical Theatre                                                Ed Monogham Studio, Beverly Hills

Acting / Scene Study                                                             Jose Quintero Actor’s Studio, Los Angeles

Film Acting Technique                                                           American Film Institute, Hollywood

Acting in Film & Television                                                    Screen Actor’s Guild Conservatory, Hollywood

Voice / Speech / Dialects                                                      Judith Moreland, Los Angeles


SKILLS: Fluent Spanish, Baritone Voice, Dialects (Mexican, Italian, German, French, British), Improvisation, Boxing,

Weight-Training, Cycling, Running, Yoga, Cross-Fit Training


ARTISTIC AFFILIATION: Warehouse Actor’s Studio (Queensland, Australia), Company Member, Artistic Associate

Vic Trevino



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